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Why You Should Kill Gated Content Once and for All

One Harvard Business Review report showed that your chances of qualifying new leads drop 400 percent when it takes longer than five minutes to follow up with them.

Smith argues that gated content is no longer as effective as it once was. This is undoubtedly true - but I would argue is also the case with most B2B marketing techniques we use. We are all competing for attention. Yet this is a scarce resource and it is getting harder to cut through the noise. He is in effect arguing for a broader B2B based marketing strategy some of which includes brand exercises which have largely been neglected in a world where measuring the effectiveness of campaigns comes down to KPI’s. @alangleeson

The Ultimate Data Literacy Cheat Sheet

So, what can business do to roll out better awareness and core data literacy skills in their company? At ChartMogul we’ve been speaking to industry experts — data vis designers and business intelligence pros — as well as compiling a wealth of best practices and data literacy guidance. The result is a simplified collection of resources that anyone can take away, use as a quick reference and share across their company.

This is just one of a number of useful guides and cheat sheets produced by Ed Shelley and the team at Chart Mogul to help SaaS businesses operate more effectively. @alangleeson

The Science of Increasing Customer Loyalty

This article will arm you with the knowledge and tools to start optimizing beyond the initial purchase conversion, and hopefully, to rack up some repeat purchases and referrals in the process.

While the outcomes of customer retention and loyalty are hard to measure, the long-term ROI is undeniable. Optimizing for customer loyalty is one of the most important things you can do, yet it’s also one of the most challenging.

The Mission Matrix: Your B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes a SaaS company can make is thinking they can sell to everyone, which ultimately means you sell to no one. At the cornerstone of your go-to-market strategy is the important decision of who you are going to sell to and how.

This is an excellent resource helping B2B SaaS startups think about how they are approaching their market. The matrix forces startups to assess who they are looking to target, at what price points and via what channels. A highly recommended read. @alangleeson

Is Your Churn Rate Within a Healthy Range?

This short post from Recurly outlines some churn rates for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Navigate down to the SaaS section to get some data relevant to SaaS businesses. Take all data with a ‘pinch of salt’ as comparing churn rates without further context is a dangerous game.

How we Measure Content at ChartMogul

It takes a TON of energy to get the content marketing wheel moving; months or even years of effort, without much in the way of a return on your investment. But once you get the wheel moving and things really start to pick up speed, the momentum of the thing is massive. The power of the whole operation becomes almost unstoppable. This is Content Marketing — the long game. It can take years to see the fruits of your hard labor.

This article gives some great insights into measuring the effectiveness of content. At ChartMogul they focus on engagement as a key metric viewing content as primarily a brand building exercise. It is also clear that they also view it as a long term commitment something that is not always compatible with more pressing short term demands of CEO’s and Sales leads looking for a more immediate return. @alangleeson

How to Reduce Churn with a Customer-Focused Cancellation Flow

In this article, we look at how teams can approach cancellations as opportunities to re-engage and retain less-than-happy customers. This starts with optimizing the cancellation process so that customers only use it as a last resort action.

If someone has decided to leave I believe it is best to make it as easy as possible to do so. It is the same with newsletter unsubscribes. Anything other than a one click unsubscribe can be deeply frustrating. In this post Julia offers some suggestions as to minor process changes that are worth implementing ranging from reminding you as to what you’ll lose through to other options other than a straight cancel. She also suggests that it represents a good learning opportunity to try and understand the churn drivers. @alangleeson

B2B SaaS Pricing Pages in 2017: 100+ Top Businesses Analyzed

Ed Shelley analysed over 100 B2B SaaS pricing pages and shares the key lessons learned in this post.

Fantastic overview of B2B SaaS Pricing pages - really thorough, well researched and with extensive examples. A must read for anyone looking to optimise their B2B SaaS pricing. Alan

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