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Converting More B2B SaaS Sales Leads

In the early stages of most SaaS startups life, it is often the CEO or Founder who acts as the initial Head of Sales. While this makes sense given the likely resource constraints, and the value to be gained in getting in front of customers from Day 1, a lack...

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Is Your SaaS Marketing Team Still Fit For Purpose?

One of the main growth areas in UK tech in recent years has been in B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) startups. SaaS businesses are subscription based and rely on internet access as a delivery mechanism for many replacing legacy or back office functions.

SaaS is a relatively modern phenomenon,...

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The Mission Matrix: Your B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes a SaaS company can make is thinking they can sell to everyone, which ultimately means you sell to no one. At the cornerstone of your go-to-market strategy is the important decision of who you are going to sell to and how.

This is an excellent resource helping B2B SaaS startups think about how they are approaching their market. The matrix forces startups to assess who they are looking to target, at what price points and via what channels. A highly recommended read. @alangleeson

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The Ultimate Data Literacy Cheat Sheet

So, what can business do to roll out better awareness and core data literacy skills in their company? At ChartMogul we’ve been speaking to industry experts — data vis designers and business intelligence pros — as well as compiling a wealth of best practices and data literacy guidance. The result is a simplified collection of resources that anyone can take away, use as a quick reference and share across their company.

This is just one of a number of useful guides and cheat sheets produced by Ed Shelley and the team at Chart Mogul to help SaaS businesses operate more effectively. @alangleeson

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